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The rules of the Game

We're striving to make being smart fun. For this exact reason every time you you take or make a quiz or someone else takes your quiz or something else exciting happens on the site you will get couple points or maybe even a badge. Points and badges will increase your recognition on Quizific as an expert in a certain area. We're also working on new awesome functionality that will make points even more rewarding. Please check this page frequently.


Here is the list of all points assigned on Quiific. And yes, some of them are negative, meaning you will actually loose what you already have under certain circumstances. This system is constantly changing, so keep checking this page from time to time. The game is on ...


Points are mapped to levels. The more points you have the higher your level is. Just like in gym if you're not visiting it for a year your belly will go up and your strength will go down. On quizific if you're not practicing regularly your brain power goes down and so does the level.


Badges are ... well, badges. You receive them for doing something special (like creating a quiz for the first time) and you receive them only once. Also unlike points you don't loose them ever.