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Quizific Sitemap

Here are the most important pages on

Main Page

This is the root page of the website, use it to see the most important events happening on Quizific, search for new challenges and friends and more

Contact Us Page

Use the contact page to send us a quick note about what you think about Quizific, your suggestions and complaints if you have any.

Create New Quiz

On this page you can create a new quiz. Enjoy our sophisticated online quiz builder and don't forget to use all its features such as rearranging items with drag and drop or minimizing questions you're done working with.

Create New Survey

This page is similar to "Create new Quiz" page, but allows you to create a new survey. All the awesome features of Quiz builder are also available in Survey Builder plus you have more question types.

Tag Cloud

On this page we presented 100 most popular tags on Quizific and linked them to corresponding quizzes and surveys. You can use it to quickly find interesting topics.


Quizzes and Surveys are supposed to be fun. To prove this we implemented couple gamification features on Quizific. You can read about them on this page.


Quizific would not be possible without effort of many people who created awesome technology that runs it. On this page we would like to thank all these people and mention their technological achievements.

List of the Best Quiz and Survey Makers

We like our competition, it drives our development and desire to innovate. Sometimes it drives us nuts too. On this page we collect links ot our competitors for your consideration and humbly hope that after trying them all you will still choose Quizific to server your needs.


Quizific cares about your privacy. For this reason we do not collect much information about you and most questions we ask on the profile page are optional. In fact the only piece of information we need from you is your real email which we will never disclose to others. Read more about our privacy policy on this page.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions page covers our backs and explains how this site is supposed to be used.