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Blackberry Desktop Manager Quiz

Which of the following step is to be taken by system administrator on loss of Blackberry device ?

What will be the steps to resolution if in the BlackBerry device, an hour glasss is shown on screen, device is not responding and shown as BlackBerry Desktop Manager ?

Which of the following synchronization computer desktop software is not supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.2.2 ?

What is the prime objective for S/MIME usage in BlackBerry Enterprise Solution ?

How does a user will be able to view missing address book enteries in BlackBerry device if they are synchronized. ?

What is the process to resolve 517 error on a BlackBerry device ?

Which of the following can be a reason for skipping of organizer records during synchronization ?

Which will be the appropriate manner to resolve an issue of display of APP Error 200 reset error message ?

How can appointements be displayed in Blackberry device, three months after the appointment date ?

Which of the following is the essential requirement for enabling S/MIME on a BlackBerry device ?