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Bond Market Quiz

Accrued interest

The invoice price of a bond that a buyer would pay is equal to

An 8% coupon U. S. Treasury note pays interest on May 30 and November 30 and is traded for settlement on August 15. The accrued interest on the $100,000 face value of this note is _________.

A coupon bond is reported as having an ask price of 113% of the $1,000 par value in the Wall Street Journal. If the last interest payment was made two months ago and the coupon rate is 12%, the invoice price of the bond will be ____________.

The bonds of Ford Motor Company have received a rating of "D" by Moody's. The "D" rating indicates

The bond market

Ceteris paribus, the price and yield on a bond are

The ______ is a measure of the average rate of return an investor will earn if the investor buys the bond now and holds until maturity.

The _________ gives the number of shares for which each convertible bond can be exchanged.

A coupon bond is a bond that _________.