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C# .NET Quiz

A local variable

An instance variable

Private Button print = new button();

An instance method

A Constructor

class Test: Form { }

A variable declared inside a method is called a________variable

Defining two methods with the same name but with different parameters is called.

Find any errors in the following BankAccount constructor: public int BankAccount() { balance = 0; }

In the body of a method, C# uses the variable named_____to refer to the current object whose method is being invoked.

String mystring; Creates a(n)

An Event is

A delegate defines

Is it possible to pass methods as arguments for other methods without modification.

All interfaces must contain IDrivable

What is the proper header for a class that intends to use an interface.

In order for a class to use an interface, it must

Every class directly or indirectly extends the______class.

The concept of composition specifies that you can.

Polymorphism occurs when the methods of the child class.

To output the value of multidimensional array, Console.WriteLines(___)

All methods in an abstract base class must be declared abstract.

Methods that are declared abstract in the base class must show implementation at the time of declaration.

The code public class B : A { }

Assuming that public class B : A { public B(int i) :base(i) { } } compiles and runs correctly, what can we conclude about the constructors in the class A?

Classes declared with the sealed keyword cannot be base class.

A method_____an exception when that method detects that a problem has occured.

Exception objects are derived from the class.

An abstract class

A____block enclose the code that could throw an exception.

A Thread is:

Synchronization is:

In C# Thread.Sleep(time) measures time in:

When a thread returns from a WaitSleepJoin or Suspended state it returns to the:

The ThreadPriority enumeration does not contain:

The way of returning a thread from s suspended state is:

In order to lock/unlock an object use the.

Class String and the Char structure found in the:

A String literal is a:

To create a string literal exclude escape sequence, use:

String indexers treat strings as:

If an IndexofAny method is passed an array of characters it:

Concatenating with strings are done with:

If two StringBuilder objects contain the same string then