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Car Market Quiz

Who amongst the below listed users start their purchasing relationship and want easy-to-read manuals and high levels of training

Which technique should be used for solution-oriented customers needing value through more benefits and advice

Which step of the segmentation process uses “segment storyboards” to test the attractiveness of each segment’s positioning strategy

Which type of criterion mandates, effective programs for attracting and serving the segments

What other factor is involved in evaluating different market segments other than the segment’s overall attractiveness

What will be the segmentation called if a car company concentrates on the small-car market and other car company on the sports car market

What is the main advantage of utilizing a multisegment strategy

What will be the main disadvantage being leveraged with usage of a product specialization strategy in selecting target markets

Which of the below listed market strategy, focuses on serving many needs of a particular customer group

Which technique other than the differentiated marketing is used for full market coverage