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Data Warehouse Quiz

DOLAP allows download of "cube" structures to a desktop platform with the need for shared relational or cube server.

In a traditional MIS system, there is an almost linear sequence of queries.

Data Warehouse provides the best support for analysis while OLAP carries out the _________ task.

Analytical processing uses ____________ , instead of record level access.

Data warehousing and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) are _______ elements of decision support system.

B-Tree is used as an index to provide access to records

The users of data warehouse are knowledge workers in other words they are _________ in the organization.

Relational databases allow you to navigate the data in ____________ that is appropriate using the primary, foreign key structure within the data model.

The input to the data warehouse can come from OLTP or transactional system but not from other third party database.

In _________ system, the contents change with time.