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English Vocabulary Quiz (Art, World, Female)

Somebody must have sent him this cutting sometime, probably with no __________ intention.

As I round the first curve of some __________ pass I feel the familiar tensing of the nerves, the onset of that curious _________ which will reach its peak with the highest point on the road and which will leave me, on the descent, with what I can describe as a sense of virtue.

She drove aimlessly around town in the dark , unaware that she was __________ on the edge of consciousness.

Studies show that outbursts _____________ and perpetuate anger, like a _________ blowing on fire.

By combining the worlds of art and work, the Stradivarius is a __________- masterpiece of art and a tool for the ________ art of making music.

He did his duty by church, town and clients with unfailing ___________.

The _____________ have done everything possible to deceive the _________.

This projection of __________ female sexuality is everywhere we lool and has been since that obscene phenomenon the "new lad" ___________ its equally repellent female twin, the beer-swilling, bawdy "ladette".

It's small wonder that the Duke, when he ___________ the newspapers, as he does at breakfast every morning, exclaims __________ "Let's see what I did wrong yesterday!"

There's something slightly peculiar about the __________ of tradition and protocol with the modern drew-down, 21st century world.

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