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English Vocabulary Quiz (Charle, Written, Human)

she is ________ as a renowned and distiguished author of ________ tales.

Though she had grieved for Charle's death, grief had been ________ by a tremulous longing and expectation.

A dog has an extraordinary power of _________ up the human ego. To a dog, the human being who owns him is a god to be worshipped but, in our present ________ state of civilization, also loved.

Laura remained under the care of Nannie, with daily visits from Miss Weekes, an ______ but ______ goveness.

He decided to behave in a social manner, and _______ Bellbury by refusing. Usually impolitely, their many invitations.

he had written several large and _______ volumed on _______ phases of history, written in such a way that very few people could understand what he was driving at.

Mr. Frankling repeated the last phrases in a high __________ tone of __________ contempt.

Arthur said that considering that the production of kittens that went on in the house was something _________ , it was hardly likely that Laura was completely ___________ with the facts of life.

Mrs. Rouse gave a __________ knock on the door and pushed it open.

Charles, griding his teeth and snorting with venom, was penning a really ________ review for a learned journal of a fellow historian's llofe work.

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