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Enterprise Activity Process Quiz

Which of the following activity occurs during the Activating stage of the enterprise activation process ?

Which of the following BalackBery enterprise server service impacts enterprise activation process ?

Which of the following synchronization scheme is to be followed when copying contacts from BlackBerry device to the computer only ?

What is the sole reason for usage of Content protection as applied in BlackBerry device ?

What are the steps to apply a new software configuration 'ABC' for testing on BlackBerry device initiating from BlackBerry Manager ?

Which of the following is an intermediary for messaging server and various wireless networks ?

What will be the steps to disable email redirectin in a Blackberry device from the users tab ?

Which of the following are steps to send PIN message to an old Blackberry device so that user can collect the new one

What will be the time for spread of removal of an policy concerning disabling Bluetooth Serial Port profile API for all application

Which of the following database replication scheme is supported by BlackBerry