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Marketing Environment Quiz (Market, Generation, Income)

Generation Xers are given that name because:

Which of the following generations was once labeled the MTV generation?

Another name for Generation Y is the:

Which of the following generations has grown up with the Internet, mobile communications, and video games?

The increase in working women, people marrying later and having fewer children, and the number of nonfamily households increasing coincides with which of the following trends?

_____________ areas are small cities located beyond congested areas found in larger cites. They offer many lifestyle advantages for today’s urban commuter.

The U.S. population is becoming better educated. As an example, in 2000, ________ of the population had completed high school and 26 percent had completed college.

Marketers are facing increasingly diverse markets, both at home and abroad. The _________ market has been ignored in the past, despite the fact that with 54 million people in this market, it is larger than the African American or Hispanic markets.

Factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns make up the ______________ environment.

Marketers pay close attention to income distribution as well as average income.Which of the following groups usually must stick close to the basics of food, clothing, and shelter, and must try hard to save?

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