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Motor Vehicle Act Quiz

What should you do if you reach an intersection where there is no signal light/ no police man, will

What will you do if you want to take "U" turn at an intersection controlled by a traffic light, you will

In which of the following places, parking is prohibited

When can an authorised officer seized a vehicle

What can be done if someone is Abandoning public transport vehicle as a mark of protest or agitation or any kind of strike, in a public place or in any other place causing obstruction or inconvenience to the public. It should be charged with

What is concluded in section 112 pf the Motor Vehicles Act 1988

According to section 129 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a person should wear _______ while driving a motor cycle

All motor vehicles must be covered by _________ Insurance

What should be ensured before overtaking a vehicle?

What need to be checked before starting the engine of a vehicle