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Naturally Evolving Quiz

Ad-hoc access means to run such queries which are known already.

Suppose the amount of data recorded in an organization is doubled every year. This increase is __________.

The growth of master files and magnetic tapes exploded around the mid- _______.

Naturally Evolving architecture occurred when an organization had a _______ approach to handling the whole process of hardware and software architecture.

_______ is an application of information and data.

Taken jointly, the extract programs or naturally evolving systems formed a spider web, also known as

The need to synchronize data upon update is called

The STAR schema used for data design is a __________ consisting of fact and dimension tables.

_______ modeling technique is more appropriate for data warehouses.

If someone told you that he had a good model to predict customer usage, the first thing you might try would be to ask him to apply his model to your customer _______, where you already knew the answer.