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Previous Year Quiz

Additional surcharge (education cess) of 3% per cent is payable on

Family pension received by a widow of a member of the armed forces where the death of the member has occurred in the course of the operational duties, is

Gift of Rs 5,00,000 received on 10 July, 2008 through account payee cheque from a non-relative regularly assessed to income-tax, is

Assessee is always a person but a person may or may not be an assessee.

A person may not have assessable income but may still be assessee.

In some cases assessment year and previous year can be same financial year.

A.O.P should consist of :

Body of individual should consist of :

A new business was set up on15-11-2008 and it commenced its business from 1-12-2008.The first previous year in this case shall be: