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Simply Support Beam Quiz

In any beam when the moment of inertia about the neutral axis is doubled, its deflection is

The limits of percentage of the longitudinal reinforcement in a column is given by

A rigid prop provided for a beam

In a simply supported beam AB with a concentrated load W at a distance 'a' from support A and 'b' from support B, the deflection under the load is

For the design of retaining walls the minimum factor of safety against over-turning is taken as

A cantilever beam is loaded by a point load at the free end. It is likely to fail by B.M.

The distance between centre lines of a broad gauge is 1.686m. The most economic length of sleeper for efficient distribution of B.M. is

In a simply supported beam of span L carrying an eccentric couple M acting at a distance A from the left support, the reaction included at the support is

Area of shear force diagram between two sections is

The section modulus of square section of side A is